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We are design office dealing with projects of smaller scope of works, such as new family houses, storing premises, warehouses, restaurants and other operations, garages, superstructures, extentions and refurbishments of all previously mentioned buildings.

  Altogether with our partners, designers of particular M&E installations and architects we are able to deliver project documentation of more complicated character ranging from planning permit documentation, building permit documentation to execution project documentation.

You can also ask us for example for architectural study assessment - using sophistic computer modelling, placing designed buildings into the photos, visualisations of all kinds, creating of presentation materials, flyers and other graphic materials.

The latest news of the company is the offer of portfolio of serial projects, concepted on the basis of economical and ecological aspects. Furthermore, the houses are designed in modern way with really low request for energy consumption. The number of serial projects is still expanding...

Newly you have opportunity to let us work out for you the energy efficiency certificates. This is going to be a must for new-built projects.

The company has been established in 1992 and been performed tens of succesfully provided projects.
For some of them see navigation bar References.  The goal of our work is to fully satisfy our clients´ needs concerning to technical or architectural solution and so as regards to acceptable level of project costs and terms of requested documentation delivery...
vizualizace 2005 - předzahrádka restaurace
dokumentace pro stavební povolení - novostavba bungalovu Kelč
vizualizace - Novostavba rodinného domu Třinec